Saturday, 16 July 2011

Need a little help

If there are any Dream Theater fans out there, recommend me the best songs/albums to listen to. I've only listened to Another Day and i have to say that's a really great song. :D



  1. Well, I have their entire discography, and I'm a huge fan of those guys, so I'm glad to help out.

    In terms of albums, Images & Words is where "Another Day" came from, and it's a really great album in itself. Absolute classic, some of their best work on there. If you're looking for something LIKE Images & Words but a bit more modern, I'd recommend Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence or Octavarium. If you're a fan of/willing to try heavy stuff, I highly recommend Awake (like Images & Words, but heavier!) or Train of Thought (like Six Degrees, but heavier! xD). Of course, these are just the albums I'd recommend to a newcomer.

    As for songs, their best songs have been (in my opinion!) "A Change of Seasons," "Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence," "The Glass Prison," "Metropolis, pt. 1: The Miracle and the Sleeper," "In the Presence of Enemies," "Voices," "The Mirror," "Afterlife," "The Count of Tuscany"--okay, I could easily keep doing this for a very long time. xD "Space-Dye Vest" is another brilliant song, although it deviates greatly from their normal sound.

    If you want to get into Dream Theater, though, I really hope you can stand twenty-minute songs and mind-blistering solos, because those.. are this band's stereotypes. And they fit very well. Personally, I love those. .w. But it's not for everyone.

  2. Sounds like their for me then :D

    Thanks for helping :)