Sunday, 24 July 2011

My door's locked and i can't open it.

Ah well, at least i won't run out of food because my fridge keeps... refilling itself.

Is this a nightmare?!?!?!!



  1. Have you tried pinching yourself?
    If you had, then all I can ask is, have you tried opening up any windows?
    I am sorry that I cannot be much of a help.

  2. The windows appear to be bricked up. I have no idea what the fuck's happened.

    And i pinched myself. It didn't work. D:


  3. Scheiße Fick.
    Is there any explosives around your place or a hammer?
    I don't think those would work though. The explosives might, but the chances of you having them would be slim.
    I really wish I could help.

  4. Nope, i have a hammer, but it's in the shed outside. =/

    Thanks for trying to help though, i really appreciate it. :)